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Currently reside in Weymouth, MA but grew up in Charlestown (Boston neighborhood) MA and have spent most of my life and career in Boston. I offer extensive experience working with government, community and corporate leaders in roles requiring strong communications, interpersonal, leadership and advocacy skills. Core Strengths include: Government Relations Business Development Community Affairs Program Management Communications Fundraising Media Relations Corporate Affairs Grassroots Outreach Telephone Polling/sampling Get out the Vote (GOTV) Political Campaign Management Field Operations Strategic Planning Research and Analysis Lobbying and Advocacy Marketing & Sales Presentations/Closings Contract Negotiations RFP/RFQ Preparation Lead Generation Prospecting Networking Trade Shows Social Media CRM A common theme throughout my career has been an ability to work harmoniously with individuals from all walks of life and to develop mutually beneficial relationships with them. I thrive on solving problems, handling controversial issues, cutting through bureaucracy and building bridges between my employer and various constituencies. I offer over 25 years experience that includes the public sector, private industry, trade associations and nonprofits-human services, transportation, construction, academia, insurance, corrections. disability rights. Desired Titles/Positions include: Sr. VP, Vice President, Director, Associate Director, Manager, Assistant Manager, Project Manager, Campaign Manager, Lobbyist, Communication Manager, Strategic Planner, Research Analyst or Consultant, Business Development, Marketing, Sales. Interests include social media, networking, computers, writing, reading, politics, cinema, music, health and nutrition, running, sports, lifting weights and more.

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